L’Avventura & Associates is a collaborative creative group bringing together boutique designers from around the world with a shared ideal of helping clients realise a vision.
Established by designer James Lee and inspired by the notion of “The World is Flat”, L’Avventura identifies each project’s unique character and matches clients with a design team that shares their philosophy. We believe that this mutual commitment to intelligent design is the secret to creating authentic spaces that express a deeper purpose and reveal an inner soul. By engaging a creative mindset, we help to conceptualise and realise your vision. It is a shared journey towards fulfilling a meaningful creative expression inspired by life and informed by you. Deliberately unconventional and refreshingly different, L’Avventura is embracing and shaping the future of design.

Our philosophy

The concept of serendipity lies at the centre of our philosophy — the chance outcome, the happy accident that comes from always engaging the right creative mindset. We believe it is by bringing together complementary creative energies that we achieve the exceptional. We embrace the essentially mysterious aspect of the best design, the unpredictable, the inexplicable, the undefinable and the unknowable.
We have an unconventional approach to design and believe that accepting risks and making bold choices is crucial to the creative process. We believe in producing something unique and personal. We engage with the possible and are influenced by “could” rather than “should”. Above all, we believe extraordinary design should reflect the personality of the user, not the designer.
Our designs look back from the future they will inhabit and forward from the past, shaped by imagination. We lie in between, caught in a moment, a snapshot of time. We believe the timeless is hidden in the fragility of the instant, the suspended moment. We believe in allowing the character of the design to reveal itself. Unhurried, quiet, hidden in space.
Our most precious memories are the tactile experiences that shaped and framed us. The feel of wood, marble and stone informed our earliest experiences. Our bodies and minds respond to the physical and emotional sensations aroused by familiar materials and fabrics. We believe in allowing these memories to speak and to express themselves through the design.
We think of ourselves as a filter, refining ideas and pooling creative talent in the pursuit of realising true expression. We celebrate authenticity and uniqueness. We embrace diversity and believe that in difference lies strength.
Our design is a celebration of the interplay between intelligence and emotion, playfulness and reflection. It is the embodiment of freedom. Inspired by life, shaped by curiosity and emotion, intuitive and ready to embrace the serendipitous moment.
We believe that realising a creative vision begins with choosing the right people to help express that dream. Work with the right people and you will achieve your vision.
The ultimate purpose of design is to take the breath away. We believe that emotion lies at the centre of design. We believe in every design lies a soul. We believe in design informed by you.
The Invisible
We embrace contradictions. Within complexity lies simplicity, within the shadows lies light, in the future we see the past, in chaos, we find serenity. Our designs are invisible. Our role is to unveil the creative expression hidden within the layers of life. We succeed when you can’t see what we’ve done. We may unearth the story but we let it tell itself. True meaning lies in the invisible.